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Damon Braces
(Self-Ligating Braces)

What is It?

Self-ligating Damon Braces are a new clinically proven treatment system that align your teeth and create a beautiful smile without any elastic bands or ties

Using smaller brackets, ‘shape memory’ wires and finer materials, they use natural motion to gently pull teeth into proper alignment. Their high-tech mechanism causes movement to be almost frictionless which allows for faster results and less discomfort.

The fact that they don’t use elastic bands or ties also means they do not collect plaque, so makes dental hygiene much easier as well.

They also have an excellent Damon Clear system that uses clear brackets for a more discreet treatment, similar to clear braces.


damon metal bracket   

damon clear braces london

Pros of Damon Braces

✓ Ultra Effective – Damon Braces (including Damon Clear) are just as effective as ceramic and traditional braces, if not more so. They can also handle more severe and difficult cases, as well as deep overbites (unlike Invisalign for example, which is limited to relatively mild cases only).

They are great for fixing all kinds of issues, like:    ✓Gaps       ✓Crowding     ✓Crooked Teeth
Individual Teeth that are    ✓Too Short,     ✓Too Long and ✓Rotated
AND also: ✓Overbites,   ✓Under-bites,    ✓Open-bites   and   ✓Cross-bites

✓ Very Discreet – Damon Clear is very discreet, similar to Ceramic braces but more technologically advanced.

✓ Very Comfortable – Reduced friction and smaller brackets, therefore less irritation and discomfort, as there is less force required to move the teeth.

✓ Don’t require as many adjustment appointments

✓ Don’t require tightening at all – which some patients find to be a little bit painful

✓ Faster Results – Like Ceramic and Traditional braces, but with improved, frictionless movement technology and ‘shape memory’ wires, so works even faster.

✓ Quite Budget-friendly – Only costing you slightly more than conventional braces.

✓ Much Easier Dental Hygiene – Unlike conventional braces, they are without elastic bands or ties (which collect plaque and make dental hygiene more difficult).

✓ Effortless and Automatic for Patients – With removable brace systems like Invisalign or Inman Aligner, treatment time can be delayed drastically due to the hassle of having to remember to put them back on multiple times a day (after brushing, eating, snacking, drinking…etc.). With fixed brace systems like Damon braces, there is less hassle and it’s constantly working for you to align your teeth and create a beautiful smile.

✓ 0% Interest-Free Finance, Easy Payment Plans & Student Discounts available

Self-Ligating Damon braces price: from just £2690

Treatment Time: from just 7 months
(or even as little as just 4 to 6 months for Damon Fast Align)

For A Limited Time Only

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*A consultation deposit of £80 is applicable – fully refundable when you choose to go ahead with treatment.


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