A good smile is one of nature’s most precious gifts to mankind. It lights our world, it is a universal language of communication; it makes people express love. But can you imagine scenario where one is unable to smile confidently, or they have to cover their mouths with their hand to avoid revealing their crooked teeth? When this becomes the case, the most appropriate thing to do would be to go to an orthodontist.

Who is an orthodontist?

An orthodontist is an expert who is qualified and skilled enough to offer treatment and solutions to any of the several dentofacial conditions that affect people. Usually, an orthodontist starts as a dentist, before advancing their studies for 3 more years to become bona fide orthodontists.

When should one visit an orthodontist, who should visit them?

  • If your teeth are very crowded, then you should consider visiting an orthodontist. Overcrowded teeth make it hard to properly bite some type of foods, a condition medically known as malocclusion.
  • If you have crooked or protruding teeth that are affecting your confidence when smiling, you’re also an ideal candidate for a date with an orthodontist.
  • Some people do have disproportional jaw bone arrangement; this may affect their aesthetic appeal, or even pose some inconveniences when chewing. Orthodontists do offer minor surgeries to remedy such eventualities.
  • Lastly, people with overly spaced teeth can also visit an orthodontist for professional help.

What are the reasons for visiting an orthodontist?

  1. Most people visit orthodontists purely for aesthetic related reasons. They want their teeth straightened so that they can smile confidently.
  2. One can also visit the orthodontist for health reasons; protruding teeth are usually weak and this poses challenges then the individual wants to bite. This is remedied by having their teeth straightened.
  3. Orthodontic services have become increasingly affordable and readily available nowadays, so most people are going for them.
What is the cost of orthodontic services?

Well, the cost pretty much depends on how well equipped the orthodontic clinic is, the complexity of the treatment offered, as well as the experience and skillfulness of the orthodontist involved. The good thing is that most orthodontists are willing to listen to you, to treat each case individually, and you can thus negotiate a fair price. You just need to ensure that you pick a qualified and licensed orthodontic for the job.