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The Best Orthodontics In London?

Over 1,200 Dentists Certainly Seem To Think So…

Dentists put their hard-earned credibility on the line when choosing which London orthodontist to refer their patients to for teeth straightening.

So the fact that over 1,200 dentists in and around London consistently refer their patients to us is a great indicator that not only are our patients always happy with their new smiles, their dentists are always so impressed with our work that they continue sending their patients to us.

How much do braces cost? Click here to read about adult braces.

Over 70 Years Of Combined Experience In
Creating Straight Teeth And Perfect Smiles

Our elite clinical team is composed of five UK-trained specialist orthodontists with a combined experience of over 70 years in orthodontics. Each has a Masters in Orthodontics, a Membership of Orthodontics of the Royal College of Surgeons, in addition to a Fellowship in Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons.

With us, you can rest assured you will be getting the absolute best you can get, especially as we are specialists in teeth braces for adults and all types of teeth straightening in general, including  adult braces behind teeth.

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“After years and years of feeling self-conscious about my
wonky teeth… I now feel like a completely new person
after visiting this amazing orthodontist in London”

private Orthodontics in London for Adults before and after
Private orthodontist london for adults before and after
private Orthodontics in London for Adults before and after
best orthodontist london after for adults

“I finally did it. After years and years of feeling self-conscious about my wonky teeth, I FINALLY got them fixed and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result! I feel like a completely new person!”

I always thought my teeth were horrible, especially because one of my two front teeth stuck out. Although my family and friends always reassured me that it wasn’t that noticeable, to me it definitely was.

I’d considered getting my teeth straightened for a long time, but there were two main things holding me back:

  1. First of all, I was afraid of how I’d look with adult braces on. I didn’t know how to straighten teeth without braces. I felt awkward imagining myself with a mouth full of metal as an adult with cheap braces. I had already turned them down as a teenager just because I was scared of how it would look (which obviously I now regret), so imagine how anxious I was about having it as a working 21 year old woman! I was worried people would stare, or that I wouldn’t be taken seriously at work.
  2. Second, I was worried that I’d have to pay through the nose for it. To me, I couldn’t afford to pay upwards of £5,000 which I know some orthodontists and dentists in London charge. I had a smaller budget and I definitely couldn’t pay it all in one go. Private braces for adults in London aren’t usually very cheap! Private orthodontist prices can be quite considerable (but thankfully I found Orthosmile!).

However, despite my worries, I was FED UP of constantly worrying that people were staring at my crooked teeth when I was talking to them. It made me so much less confident when meeting new people. I was tired of covering my mouth everytime I laughed. I’d also had just about enough of photos of me with a closed-mouth smile. Literally every photo of me on facebook was like that.

Plus, when I was job hunting and had a job interview, I was paranoid that they were focusing on my teeth rather than what I was saying, and I always felt like it affected my chances of getting the job. I also felt like it would continue affecting my career opportunities in the same way. Teeth straightening would do the job I thought.

My experience at The Kensington Orthodontic Clinic (which is part of the Orthosmile group) was really great. My orthodontist was Dr Ali, and he was really lovely. I was actually quite nervous and hesitant, and I asked him a TON of questions in the consultation. He really took the time to answer them and make me feel at ease and in control as the expert orthodontist. One of the things I really didn’t want was to feel like they were trying to pressure me or sell to me, and thank God they’re not like that at all at this clinic. He was a great private orthodontist.

If you’re considering getting your teeth straightened and are worried about adult braces, and not sure about invisalign and invisible braces, wondering whether or not to book a consultation, I’d say to go for it. The Orthosmile group have really great orthodontist prices – very reasonable, and you really do get a really world-class level of service.

Your teeth and smile are such a big part of your appearance and self-esteem that I’d say you should invest in yourself and invest in a great smile. The adult braces or invisalign won’t last forever! You’ll have them off in no time and be thanking your orthodontist. You’ll get back your self-confidence like I did, and when I just think back to how much us women spend on our appearance in this day and age, whether it be on clothes, shoes, makeup or hair… it’s ridiculous not to invest in something as important as fixing your teeth and getting a gorgeous smile that lasts forever.”

– Sarah, 21, from Chiswick, West London


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Invisalign London - invisible braces in London

Invisible Braces
(Including Invisalign® and Transaligner™)

The secret behind how everyone from A-list celebrities, corporate executives and even students are fixing their teeth and getting the perfect smiles they’re after, without ANYONE knowing…

From: £1490

(Read more about Invisible Braces)

fast braces london - six months smile

Fast Align

Whether that wedding or graduation is just around the corner, or whether you just don’t want the hassle and ‘look’ of wearing braces for any longer than you have to – A stunning smile in as quick as just 4-6 months!

From: £1190

(Read more about Fast Align)

lingual braces in London - incognito

Lingual Braces (braces behind the teeth)

Finally a COMPLETELY invisible brace solution, without the hassle of having to remember to put them on and take them off every time you eat anything. The hidden brace that automatically and effortlessly gives you a gorgeous smile, no matter the severity of your case…

Great braces for adults!

From: £3990

(Read more about Lingual Braces)

clear braces in London - ceramic braces aka white braces

Clear Braces

Effective, affordable, and hardly noticeable… Clear Braces (also known as Ceramic Braces) are fantastic at giving you the smile you’re after, plus they’re even less noticeable with us, as we’re one of the very few to do white wires too! So be confident with your nearly invisible adult braces.

From: £2490

(Read more about Ceramic Braces)

“London Orthodontist who’s given me a gorgeous smile
on my 50th Birthday!”

“I’m sooo glad I did it. Aged 49, I decided to finally invest in myself and give myself straight teeth and a beautiful smile.

Ever since my teens I’ve had slightly crooked and crowded teeth, and I’ve always hated them. And for quite some time I had noticed that my teeth had been very slowly getting even worse. My husband (and friends) all say it’s fine, but it’s all I could pick out from a picture. My teeth mattered, to me at least.

I know I didn’t have the worst teeth in the world, but two kids and a decade later I thought it was about time to do something for myself for once, and turn my dream of loving to smile into a reality. Orthodontic teeth straightening was the answer as far as I was concerned.

Initially I was worried about having to wear cheap braces at my age (although funnily enough I’ve since realised that it has become much more common and socially accepted), so I gravitated to a discreet option like Invisalign (a great brand of invisible braces). I thought to myself “how much are adult braces?” I turned to google to do my research and get an idea of pricing, and I noticed that many dentists were coming up in the search results as well (not just orthodontists). However, I really wanted to go to a specialist orthodontist, as teeth straightening is what they’ve actually trained specifically to do, and which they practice day-in-day-out for years and even decades. The way I think of it is this: if I had a problem with my skin, I’d much prefer to be treated by a dermatologist rather than just my usual GP.

After 10 months of wearing the clear plastic aligners, I can now finally smile without any hint of embarrassment. And the great thing was, no-one could even tell I had a type of adult braces on! In fact, you can think of it as getting straight teeth without braces.

Having straight teeth for my 50th birthday, has been the best birthday present I can ever get, and I’d like to thank Dr Alimadadian (my private orthodontist) and his staff for an outstanding experience, and really top-notch care. I really believe they have so many dentists referring their patients to them for very good reason.

To anyone questioning if they are too old to correct their imperfect smiles, you’re not! We are never too old for a beautiful smile, and teeth really do matter. You should give yourself the gift of self-confidence and self-esteem, and experience being comfortable in your body. In fact, an improper bite can actually lead to other health problems so it’s even better for you from a dental health perspective. Also, I did it at a time before they changed the initial consultation fee to a refundable deposit, and it was well worth it then, so I’d highly encourage you to take advantage of their free initial consultation deal now. Private orthodontists very rarely have such great service. How much do braces cost? NOTHING compared to the absolutely priceless feeling of confidence!

– Joanne, 50, from Ealing, West London

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*A consultation deposit of £80 is applicable – fully refundable
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The Orthosmile Group™

The Kensington Orthodontic Clinic - Orthosmile
Orthosmile Hounslow

London’s Premier Specialist Orthodontic Clinics

Orthosmile Team - Kensington and Hounslow British Dental Association Award

Orthosmile is the Orthodontist in London – London’s leading orthodontic group. Our two clinics (The Kensington Orthodontic Clinic and Orthosmile Hounslow) have been delivering the finest in orthodontic care and teeth straightening for the last eighteen years.

Our orthodontic team is composed of five specialist orthodontists, all of whom qualified and graduated in the United Kingdom and are on the specialist register of the General Dental Council. Each Orthodontist in our Specialist team has a Masters in Orthodontics, a Membership of Orthodontics of the Royal College of Surgeons and a Fellowship in Dental Surgery.

On top of that we work with the most advanced orthodontic technology to guarantee that the quality of our treatment is the finest quality that it can be.

We have a well-established reputation for clinical brilliance with 1,200 dentists very frequently referring their patients to us, and to date have successfully treated over 30,000 patients in London.

Orthosmile Hounslow is in West London, while The Kensington Orthodontic Clinic and Orthosmile Kensington are both just West of Central London (close to Shepherd’s Bush and Hammersmith).

We are proud of our competitive orthodontic prices, great adult braces options for those living or working in London, and also our very premium care, service, expertise and unrivalled reputation.

Dr Ali - Best Orthodontist in London

Meet Dr Ali
(Dr Majid Alimadadian)

Founder and Director of The Orthosmile Group

Dr Ali is a renowned specialist orthodontist, with a plethora of postgraduate qualifications and trainings. His ethos in founding the Orthosmile clinics was to focus on quality of care, expertise and service. He works hard to hire only the best UK-trained and qualified specialist orthodontists, with a particular emphasis on using orthodontics to create outstanding aesthetic results, in the most efficient and effective manner possible, and with a patient-led, friendly, consultative approach in his renowned London orthodontic clinics.

The Kensington Orthodontic Clinic
(8 Netherwood Rd London, W14 0BJ)
Orthosmile Hounslow
(230 Staines Rd Hounslow TW3 3LR)


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Before and After Timelapse of an Adult Braces Patient
(Clear Braces and Invisible Braces are also available)

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*A consultation deposit of £80 is applicable – fully refundable
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